Elkhorn Paddlers
(ĕlk’hôrn păd’ler) n. 1. A person, or group, interested in promoting “quietwater” stream cruising, FUN, safety and river etiquette.

Elkhorn Paddlers Sponsor

Kentucky Waterways Alliance works across the Commonwealth to advocate for our vision of a Kentucky that sustains and celebrates our vast network of healthy waterways. KWA organizes cleanups each year on the Red River, Green River, Elkhorn Creek, and Beargrass Creek - and we are always looking for more opportunities. We support the Elkhorn Paddlers and other water recreation groups as part of our mission to celebrate waterways, believing that people will work to protect and restore waters that they love. Website:www.kwalliance.orgFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/KentuckyWaterwaysAlliance/

Elkhorn Paddlers Mtg – 4/11/21

Present (Via Zoom): Michele Ruth, Cathy and Bill Moser, George Hoover, Mark Smith, Kevin Bartell, Renita knox, Pat Brennan, Karen and Larry Crouch, Bob Walters, Monica Stoch, Dave Stawicki, Beverly Gumm, Annmarie Daneker. Meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. Approval of March 1, 2020 Minutes Minutes were not presented. There was a motion to approve the minutes, the motion was seconded and the minutes were passed. Treasurer Report Dave reported that 2020 pandemic disrupted our cruise schedule and thus limited our exposure to new people to recruit. However, the teasury is still solvent. 2021 membership dues are trickling in and will be accepted throghout the year. Membership Report 2020 - memberships 38, members 50 2021 - memberships 12, members 17 MeetUp has 530 members Old Business Dam on Elkhorn Creek at Jim Beam distillery still has not been removed due to delays. Plan is to remove by end of 2021. Question was asked about impact on the creek. Answer was more depth before dam, silt, but otherwise should be the same. New Business Election of Officers Chair Larry Crouch Vice Chair Mike Moser Secretary Annmarie Daneker Treasurer Dave Stawicki Newsletter Nancy Moore There was a discussion about the necessity of officers for EP...legally, yes, must have officers by the charter. There was a motion for approval of officers, the motion was seconded and the motion carried. There was a motion for adjourning the meeting, the motion was seconded and the motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 3:32

Fall Meeting date set

The Annual Fall Meeting of the Elkhorn Paddlers has been set for Sunday, November 7, 2021. Location and activities still to be determined. Our usual agenda is breakfast (or brunch), meeting, paddle or hike - weather permitting.Check back here or on our MeetUp! site for details later in the summer.
(ĕlk’hôrn păd’ler) n. 1. A person, or group, interested in promoting “quietwater” stream cruising, FUN, safety and river etiquette.


Elkhorn Beginners Paddle

The 2017 version of the Elkhorn Beginners paddle was a wonderful affair. 16 paddlers in 16 boats - a flotilla that could have challenged the Spanish Armada - “braved” warm sunny conditions on a slow flowing creek to traverse the 11 mile main stem from Knight’s Bridge to the US127 takeout. The participants were mostly new faces to Elkhorn Paddler members as  many signed up as part of our MeetUp group. The ‘new blood’ made socializing, always important on the creek, an adventure as we all got to make new friends and trade stories. Many of the longer term members even got to recycle their water war stories on new ears. The lower water level made for a less exciting day (good) but did create a few opportunities for paddlers to get beached (bad). The only excitement occurred after our pause at Canoe KY when we, briefly, lost track of 2 of our boaters who ended up scouting the creek ahead of us. However, we did eventually catch up with them and all participants were safely herded to the take-out.

Blast from the Past!

The Elkhorn Paddlers organized in 1981, 36 years ago this summer. Since that time membership has grown, dwindled and leadership has changed. But the original mission of the group has not wavered – we’re still here to enjoy the water, help others experience the joys of paddling and protect our water resources. What follows are excerpts from the very FIRST Elkhorn Paddler Newsletter.


The groups organizational meeting was held on Thursday August 6 (1981), at the Forks of Elkhorn Campground. Forty-two people attended and sixteen families paid their dues and joined the original six organizers as members. To start discussion Jim Nance, Fred Tuttle, Sue Tileston, Harold Jeffers and Howard Jones each stated why they were interested in starting the club and what they thought interests and goals might be. Most of those present expressed interest in conservation of Elkhorn Creek, training in boating skills and safety, camping and cruising. Some wished to be involved in whitewater canoeing and racing. Programs, activities and training will be planned to pursue each of these interests with outings thru the fall and indoor meetings during the winter months. The group will remain loosely organized for the remainder of this year and before spring we will draw up bylaws and hold election of officers. The first club trip was planned for August 15th on North Elkhorn at Georgetown with Fred Tuttle as leader.


Our first canoe trip-picnic on Fred Tuttle’s farm at Georgetown was a great success. About 50 people attended and 19 boats were kept bust most of the afternoon cruising a three mile stretch of flat water down to a dam. Four new members joined making a total membership of 26 families. Fred Tuttle and his family express their pleasure to have us as guests and their thanks for cleaning up the grounds so well.



September 19, 1981 LICKING RIVER- Middle Fork 12 miles from St. Rd. 32 to Blue Licks State Park. Meeting Place: Penny Pincher Motel (I-75 and St. Rd. 460). Time: 9:00am Prompt. Trip Leader: Howard Jones, (call leader for details). October 3 & 4, 1981 Kentucky River – (Guests of Sierra Club) 23 miles. Overnite trip through the Palisades section. Sierra Club fee for trip is $2.00 per person. Trip Leader: Harold Jeffers October 24, 1981 Elkhorn Creek- Main Fork, section to be decided due to water level fluctuation. Meeting Place: Franklin County High School Parking Lot. Time: 9:00am Prompt Trip Leaders: Harold Jeffers and Howard Jones